Week 3, January 29

Today the Birch Bots completed our third week of building. On Monday, we developed a shooter design for our robot, paying close attention to detail so that we could create exactly what we envisioned. Installing motors and wheels to propel the boulder, our shooting mechanism became more advanced by the day. Most of our new team members (comprised of freshmen and sophomores) worked on defenses. Our first defense was the “Low Bar” and ramp that lead up to it. It is so exciting to see our hard work coming together on our robot (Turnip)! Tomorrow (Saturday, January 30th), our team will become CPR/AED certified, strengthening our efforts toward maintaining our entire team and any other FRC engineers’ safety while building and competing. Stay tuned for next week’s update to see even more progress on 5421’s robot! Be sure to check out our week 3 progress video here!