Week 6

This week the team focused on more driving practice. We again did this in our auditorium, making stacks of totes and putting a recycling container on top, but this time we set up mock ramps that the stacks needed to be placed upon. We connected the camera and then put a “turtle shell” on top of every part of the electronics board. After, we made the display for our team number, looked over our beautiful work we produced over the past 6 weeks, and bagged-and-tagged the robot.

Ahhhh… The end of our first build season. The experiences will surely be remembered and the lessons will surely be used to our advantage next year. It truly is sad to say goodbye to the build season, but also exciting: We’ll soon be at the Jacob Javits Center, gaining more experiences and further developing our rookie team. Look out, everyone. Team 5421 is coming!

Captain’s tip of the week
“Hard work pays off. I know that is a cliché, but it could not be more true. However, such a concept can be difficult for one to truly internalize if one has never reached outside of the natural comfort level bounds that every individual sets for themselves. I am proud to say, though, that this squad of aspiring engineers has done just that, reaching above and beyond and accomplishing an unbelievable task!”

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