Week 5

This week started out being about driving practice. We practiced in our auditorium, making stacks of totes and putting a recycling container on top. However, we observed that we were having an issue with the sliding mechanism and, in contrast to what we initially thought, it did not slide easily. Because of this, we spent the rest of the week tinkering with it. This experience was quite helpful to our rookie team, and left us with a learned lesson which was how to analyze and then fix a problem. We finally figured out that the uprights were not aligned properly, so we made the according changes. Also, we lengthened the arms so that the totes and recycling containers could be carried in more numerous stacks more smoothly. O.K. Birch Bots: One week left. We can do it!

Captain’s tip of the week
“Learning how to approach and fix a problem can be far more valuable than simply learning the solution, as the process and journey can be used endlessly to accomplish various goals in a multitude of situations.”

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