Week 4

The team surpassed all its expectations this week! We now have a driving robot! In addition to the code being completed, a sliding mechanism that does its job the best was finally found, so we no longer had to worry about too much friction getting the mechanism caught. Now that we had the sliding mechanism, we installed a pulley system and added the two arms to grip the totes and recycling containers. Then, we mounted the air compressor and the rest of the pneumatics components. With all we accomplished this week, who knows how much we will get done next week? But with only two weeks left, in this time crunch, it does not matter how we get it done, we just need to get it done.


Captain’s tip of the week
“One should not glorify success nor failure, as the roller coaster that is life will always have its ups and its downs. Striving for that balance is the ultimate key to success.”

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