Week 3

This week the most progress was made (so far, hopefully). The entire electronics board was instituted by the team. Well, not exactly. Only one person really worked with the wires. But that’s ok. We realized that we could not spend all of our time teaching every student about electronics due to the short time we have to construct the robot. Instead, we had the one person who was making the electronics board briefly explain what he was doing while everyone else listened and observed. Also, most of the code was written for basic control and movement of the chassis. Come on, Birch Bots, let’s keep this momentum going!

Captain’s tip of the week
“While every individual should be encouraged to step out of their safe and comfortable boundaries to explore their weaknesses and enhance their strengths, it is also of great importance to know one’s place in a system. If one piece of a puzzle decides to reconfigure its shape, the puzzle as a whole will no longer be complete.”

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